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About us

We feel that everything we've done before was meant to lead us right to TINY SPACE.

Everything we've done, who we know and who we are comes together here.

Moritz comes from a stage construction background and has started his own workshop for everything to build all kinds of things. He had been looking for a product that could be built and sold in series for some time.

Hans-Gert has always loved design objects, furnishings, sales and team building. After co-founding two successful med-tech start-ups, it was clear that he now wanted to start something of his own. Something that could be quickly scaled internationally. He feels most comfortable when he has a lot of interaction with employees, customers, partners and investors.

Tim has always thought and implemented marketing holistically. He likes it best when he can help shape the product. He has helped countless start-ups answer the questions of how to make money and what is the best fundraising strategy. This, in combination with the right team and resilient processes, ultimately ensures that you can really leverage the potential.

TINY SPACE inspires us again and again every day because it is an incredibly rewarding product. We love it ourselves for our meetings and are always proud when others come in and immediately feel at ease!

A TINY SPACE may look like a hip tiny house, but there is so much more to it and the potential worldwide is incredible. We are creating a new market for a need that previously could not be satisfied by conventional means. You see more and more phone booths indoors, but they are rarely really popular. It's still better than making a call or holding a meeting in an open-plan room or in the middle of the action.

We see a need for them not only at all kinds of events where you need a place to retreat for important conversations. But also as the most flexible solution for additional space for companies, institutions and many others. Eventually also for all people who want or need to retreat for a few hours.


TINY media kit

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