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Jobs for you. Or someone you know?

Grow with us. Have a go.

We are still at the very beginning. Everything can and must still be developed, agreed, honed and established. This is the phase that we find most exciting, as we can invent ourselves. With the rapid growth we are planning, we will be building the bridge we are walking on. We will always have to be creative about how we can deliver the very best experience with consistently too few resources. And at the same time build the best team in the world ;) As a team, we want to grow together. Each for themselves and all together.

Are you up for it? Then apply!

If we believe in someone, then we adapt the job to you. Not the other way around.

We are looking for great people in these areas: You. '

B2B Sales
Student help

Feel free to contact us, even if none of the vacancies are a direct fit.