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A TINY team. Big visions.

We strive to always remain streamlined, unconventional and goal-oriented, all while enjoying ourselves and celebrating the successes on our way.


Hans-Gert Stuke

Managing Director
HG can negotiate deals and build a burning team. Thinking big and clearing supposed hurdles out of the way are also his thing. When design and innovation are added to the mix, his enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Tim Jaudszims

Managing Director
Tim lives and breathes marketing; he thrives on increasing the desirability of both our brand and our product experience, and he enjoys working with our scalable business model.
Julian_Kodlin24 (1)

Julian Kodlin

Head of Product
Julian built our third TINY SPACE. He comes from a Digital Product Management background hence his outstanding ability and holistic approach in developing many aspects of the product, including the smart home technology.

Mariam Sarwari

Head of Sales
Mariam loved selling as a child. So it was only logical that she would also work in sales professionally. After working in traditional companies, she switched to the start-up side and learned Hubspot and Co. At our company, she manages the sales team and ensures scalable sales processes.

Kay Tamm

Sales & Business Development Manager
Consulting and sales are Kay’s domain. He was a real estate broker before joining TINY SPACE, hence his aptitude to successfully build and maintain strong relationships with vendors and clients. He will, furthermore, be helping us in conquering new markets.

Johannes Simon Witte

Sales & Business Development Manager
After 1.5 years in the start-up world, Johannes has gained valuable experience. He is currently studying business administration in Munich and supports our team as a working student in sales. His passion lies in connecting people and socializing, which enables him to build strong and sustainable relationships with our customers.

Henrike Tamm

Sales Support
Henrike is a master optician with many years of professional experience. She quickly gets to grips with any topic and helps us to research and qualify leads.

Beatrice Dietrich

Operations Manager
Bea coordinated drivers in various stations, was responsible for customer care and implemented tools and processes. After a short time, she created a warm atmosphere everywhere. Both within the team and with customers and partners. She is responsible for ensuring that our events not only run as smoothly as possible, but also in a good mood;)

David Poblete

Product Manager
David is a trained woodworker and a civil engineer. His manual dexterity and practical knowledge come together with his engineering mindset in his endeavor to optimize all aspects of the product and the production process and to minimize the need for future maintenance.

Aleksandra Sadovskaya

Working Student Marketing & Sales
Aleksandra is a student in communication science and marketing. She assists our team with social media marketing and lead generation and is involved in client communication and coordination.

Bastian Tonn

Tools & Experience
Technology and IT tools are the underpinning of a perfect customer experience. Bastian ensures that we implement the appropriate technological response to our client’s requirements and that all tools are seamlessly integrated to for an optimized experience that keeps our customers satisfied and loyal.

Tim Rehfeld

Data & Performance
Tim has mastered the minutiae of a successful marketing campaign. He has taken charge of the countless details that need to be considered and refined from design and copyrighting to developing strategy that adapts to the different marketing channels and target groups. Tim has mastered the entire marketing repertoire all while keeping an entrepreneurial mindset.

Come with us on our journey.

There are many exciting challenges ahead of us!
And we have a lot planned. Always more than we will have in terms of resources ;) Would you like to become part of this crazy team?

Then get in touch with us!
Diversity is very welcome :)